About Us

Vintage Throwbacks provides a sustainable alternative for passionate sports fans. Our aim is to provide an affordable range of quality pre-loved classic, vintage, hard-to-find and forgotten about products.

Our items are sourced from all over the world in different ways. Our US Sports products come from direct-from-the-US vintage wholesalers, with Australian, New Zealand, Asian, UK and European products sourced from thrift shops, eBay, and other online marketplaces. We also sell items on behalf of collectors from their personal collections.

The roots of the Vintage Throwbacks business was built in 2009, where our founder (a Kiwi living in Australia) felt there was a lack of US Sports apparel available in Australia and New Zealand, outside of the most popular items. A partnership was formed with the now global sports apparel empire, Fanatics Inc, to market and distribute their entire range of apparel and merchandise in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2020, Vintage Throwbacks was founded when a personal collector sought help in selling their private collection online. With Vintage Throwbacks, we are excited to connect with fans from across the world by providing a sustainable and affordable way of showing their support for their favourite teams and players.